Intro to Medical Professions Program

Intro to Medical Professions program is a 1-year (Senior) program offering students the ability to gain college credits for Medical Terminology, receive a certification as a Phlebotomy Technician, as well as take part in an internship at Houlton Regional Hospital in one of the many Physicians offices. It is preferred, but not required, for students to be considered for acceptance into this program they must have successfully completed Health Science and be listed on State Registry as a CNA in good standing. This program, upon successful completion, will give students pursuing college and or careers in healthcare the advantage of gaining necessary knowledge and sought-after skills before completing their final year in school. Students will also have the ability to explore firsthand the roles that Phlebotomists, Medical Lab Technicians, Medical Assistants, Medical coders, Medical Administrative Specialists play in the hospital setting thru their individual internships.