Health Science – Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Health Science CNA is standardized Sate Board of Nursing class  with mandated hours, 180 hour class  which includes 70 hr. clinicals, we do 210 hr. with 80hr. of clinicals.The class combines reading, writing, math, A&P, Biology.

  • Skills Demo for Labs. Test out, clinicals hands on with pt.’s at facilities in the area.
  • Class hours are 8:00- 1:00, clinicals are 6:45-3:00p.m.
  • Equipment students need to furnish- white uniform, white shoes,watch with second hand,,gait belt.
  • Students need to pass a physical from a doctor, 2 neg. t.b. test, immunization records of having childhood immunizations.
  • Students participate in collecting money for lymphoma/ leukemia research. They also will participate with Bood Drives and/or B.P. clinics/ Flu vaccine clinics.
  • Student will set for a State Certification Test at the completion of class. After passing class and test the student will be placed on the State Registry in Augusta, Maine, and will be able to find employment in healthcare facilities in the state of Maine