Bridge Academy Program

The Bridge Academy Program Overview

~About the Program ~

The Bridge Academy presents an opportunity to assist high school students in:

  • Obtaining additional career assessment, exploration, and advisement while in high school.
  • Participating in and obtaining college credit in high school.
    • Opportunity to obtain an integrated technical skill-based education that ties academics to real world careers through integrated CTE based labs. Depending on your specific high

 school’s capabilities, obtaining approximately 30 college credits by high school graduation from The University of Maine (UM) through a dual or con-current enrollment agreement. Dual/concurrent enrollment allows a student to earn college credit prior to high school graduation by taking college level courses that are taught at the high school by high school instructors approved by the college.

  • Ability to completing an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science within 12 months following high school graduation, while saving time and money.
  • Opportunity to transfer credits to many other school’s as well into programs of their choosing.
  • Providing options for students to earn a Bachelor’s Degree at The University of Maine or elsewhere.

~Who we are~

Bridge Academy Educational Services began as a collaborative of four Bangor area institutions: Hermon High School, Eastern Maine Community College, The University of Maine, United Technologies Center (CTE School) and are supported by many other individuals and associations.  This will be the third year for the Bridge Year Program now in conjunction with the University of Maine, which we are expanding around the State this coming year to include Region Two School of Applied Technology in Houlton.

~ Our students are ~

Individuals who are committed to fully utilizing their educational opportunities, who learn best through relevant, real life experiences, and who are willing to put forth extra effort for their future.  The Bridge Academy Program is an extraordinary opportunity to be taken only after thoughtful consideration and with an understanding of the magnitude of the commitment and work required to achieve success.

~A few more details~

  • The Bridge Academy Program offers a cohort based high school/college experience.  All of the student’s high school courses will be taken with The Bridge Academy Program cohort group.
  • The Bridge Academy Program offers increased levels of career assessment, career exploration, and job shadowing opportunities to help the student learn more about well- matched career opportunities as well as the education needed to achieve each student’s individual career goals.
  • Most of The Bridge Academy Program’s courses will offer dual credit (college and high school) from The University of Maine while you attend you participating high school and CTE school.
  • The University of Maine Bridge Year Academy Program students will have the opportunity to receive up to approximately 30 college credits by the end of the summer following the student’s senior year in high school.  This means it is possible for a student, while in high school, to earn half or more of a 60 credits required for a Associate’s Degree
  • The cost of The University of Maine’s concurrent enrollment will be $45 per credit to you offering a significant savings for each student.
  • The Bridge Academy Program includes attendance at up to three Bridge Year Summer Career Academies, to be held at the University of Maine, United Technologies Center, and supportive area businesses.
  • The Bridge Academy Program’s credits are useful for many possible future Bachelor’s Degree enrollment options at UMaine as well as at many other schools. If a student wishes to complete an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science at EMCC may be completed in one year, which would normally be awarded two years beyond high school.  All college courses attended post high school graduation will be at the full tuition rate of the chosen institution.

~Upon completion of an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree some of the opportunities awaiting the student include:

  • Better chances of solid employment utilizing fresh, marketable skills.
  • Specialized training opportunities for ongoing life-long learning.
    • Obtain the confidence, competence, and experience necessary to succeed and complete at the college or university level.

~Some well-grounded assumptions we offer~

  • Students who participate in The Bridge Academy Program will have greater success in their course work and a higher graduation rate from their college.
  • Students who participate in The Bridge Academy Program will have a better developed sense of what career pathways to pursue.
  • Students who participate in The Bridge Acsdemy Program will derive greater enjoyment from their educational experience.